Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A bad day for Empire

Today in 476, the last Roman Emperor in the west was deposed by the barbarians.  Romulus Augustulus was aptly named: the "Little Augustus" was only 16 years old at the time.  Emperors had been figureheads for some time in the Roman west, and the Little Augustus was derisively called "Momyllus" ("Little Disgrace") rather than Romulus.  It seems that he lived out his life in some comfort - there is a letter from the Ostrogothic King of Italy Theodoric the Great in 507 to a "Romulus" granting him a pension.  Still, while the Roman Empire survived another thousand years in the east, it was not a great day for Empire.

Also on this day in 1870, Napoleon III abdicated as Emperor of the French.  Confusingly there were only two French Empires but there were three Napoleons.  Only numbers one and three actually reigned, though.  I believe that it was Marx (or possibly Engels) who, when looking on the ascension of Napoleon III remarked that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce.  But Napoleon III took on the Prussians and had his hat (err, and his Crown) handed to him.  Again, this date was not a good one for Empire.

Today's Transnational Empire is going through the same wrenching changes.  Britain shuffles towards BREXIT, after 3 years of increasingly desperate rope-a-dope from the imperial Powers That Be.  Last night the imperial hangers-on ignored the quite sensible advice of former Prime Minister Tony Blair:
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is laying an election “elephant trap” for the opposition Labour Party that it should avoid, former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair warned on Monday.
You see, the British people are seemingly fed up with the delays and want their will - democratically expressed in the BREXIT referendum - honored.  Parliament at this point may even be less popular than our own Congress, and that's saying quite a lot.  The House of Commons (led by a number of Johnson's fellow Tory party members) took control from the Prime Minister yesterday:
Remainers have won the vote to usurp the Government’s role to control the Parliamentary timetable. To this end, they will use tomorrow to table their anti-No Deal bill (termed by Number 10 ‘Corbyn’s surrender bill’).
Blair was perhaps the smartest politician of his day, and he saw what the Commons couldn't.  Not only has the House of Lords shown up vowing to basically filibuster anything that the Commons passes, but Johnson is springing his trap:
From: Government Whips Admin Unit
Sent: 04 September 2019 11:55
Subject: Today’s Business
Dear Colleague
Thank you very much for your support on what was a difficult day yesterday.
We are on a three-line-whip today from 12.30pm. At midday we will have PMQs, followed by the Chancellor’s Spending Review statement. Your continued support in the Chamber is appreciated.
No later than 3pm we will move on to the Second Reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) (No 6) Bill. The Government will be opposing this bill. Should the bill pass its Commons stages today, we will be moving the motion for an early general election at 7pm and we will be voting aye. It is therefore possible that business will run late this evening.
Best wishes
Rt Hon Mark Spencer MP
Government Chief Whip
It looks like they dug a Heffalump Trap and fell right in.  Today is a bad day for the Transnational Empire.  The Globalists are in retreat all across the globe and do not know what to do about it, any more than the Little Augustus did.  And these numbskulls think they're smarter than everyone around (especially in Flyover Country).  So how's that working out?


Old NFO said...

Yep, the Brit PEOPLE are about to rebel like they never have... They wanted and want OUT of the EU... sigh

Glen Filthie said...

I must be missing something. The imperial rag sheets are all cawwing and crowing with derisive laughter and obviously don’t see the trap.

Doesn’t matter I suppose whether the EU collapses this year or next probably won’t change much. Just so everyone knows though, when those a-holes in Europe go to war with themselves again... I am staying home!

Incitatus for Mayor!!!

LSP said...

Let's see how this plays out. A lot of people are very angry, and that's saying something for the UK.

One thing's sure -- the uniparty's been exposed for all to see and it'll get a hammering at the polls, or worse.

Both Lab/Tory saying no to the largest pop vote in British history because of vested, personal, corrupt interest hasn't left people... happy.