Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The "Knock Out Game" comes to Castle Borepatch

Well, not Castle Borepatch itself, but within its shadow.  Some "youths" killed a guy at the Frederick County (MD) Fair.  A group surrounded him, one distracted him by asking for a dollar, and the hero of the group cold cocked him from behind.  While he was lying on the ground, another "youth" spit on him.

They flew him to the shock and trauma center in Baltimore where he died.  He was 59 years old.  The local newspaper has been giving this pretty good coverage.  There was a video of the incident posted to snapchat but it looks like it has been scrubbed from the 'net.  This local TV coverage is decent.

The kids involved are 15 and 16, but the District Attorney says that they will be charged with manslaughter and tried as adults.

This all happened ten miles from Castle Borepatch, in a nice middle class town in broad daylight.

The coverage has been evolving over the last 3 or 4 days.  The initial shock led to the media reporting things in plain language, but now there are more and more weasel words as the story gets massaged to fit the narrative.  Both the stories and the District Attorney have started saying that this wasn't a hate crime, even though we know that a group of white teenagers attacking a black man would be described as precisely that.  And despite the video showing one kid spitting on the man when he was on the ground.

Initially there was a lot of talk about the "knockout game", but that's been swept down the memory hole.  It's not The Narrative to talk about how groups of black teens target whites to sucker punch them, although this is why The Queen Of The World and I have not been to Baltimore's inner harbor - it's just not safe.

And Maryland is a "May Issue" State, and the police won't give carry licenses unless you're politically well connected.


Miguel GFZ said...

Video from the attack. Beasts!


Tacitus said...

There's no need to watch it. We've all seen this movie before. Probably they did not even mean to kill him. They've all misspent their lives looking at screens where when you clobber somebody they are just "knocked out" and get up none the worse for wear. Better still, maybe with amnesia! But you don't know who has other health issues, who might be on blood thinners, or even your own strength. Especially when hitting someone unexpectedly. Frankly if you sat down with these idiots they probably don't know much of anything at all. Just are just ignorant, angry collections of grievances and wants.

The best thing to do, alas, is not make this a national issue just now. That would just bring out the Weasel Brigade in full squeaking force. No, people local to this situation need to work tirelessly with the local officials....pointing out with every other thought that if they want to continue to be local officials they damned well better do something definitive.

Get a just verdict and make that the big story. Otherwise we get the same crap again. And in the next situation and the next.

We have prisons for a reason.


Fredrick said...

Derbyshire's "The Talk" would be more effective in parts of Maryland than a concealed carry.

Gorges Smythe said...

A few public hangings might affect the popularity of the "game."

Murphy(AZ) said...

Without meaning to take away from the memory of the victim, his life, or the loss to his family and friends, the baseline fact is: the people of Baltimore have what they voted for. Weasels, their minions, their useless ideas for society and maintaining control, all of this was on the line at the last election, and will be again in the next.

Want these scum charged as adults? Want them charged with hate crimes? Then the citizens of Baltimore, and all cities and states, need to elect politicians who not only promise to be tough on crime, but who actually are. Until then, nothing will change.

Nothing will change.

Beans said...

The goal of all these games is to cause maximum damage. As in, beat whitey to death, or severe damage. They don't care. This is not 'manslaughter.'

Let's see. As a group, they made a plan to attack and beat a person - shows intent.

Then they went to the fair, as a group to make the attack - shows that they meant to do it.

They struck the victim as hard as they could - shows lack of restraint on anyone's part.

They spit on him - an assault if you spit on a cop, so shows continued criminality.

And... they did not do this accidentally and then immediately call for help. Savages.

2nd degree Murder or 1st Degree, either way, it fits either category. Intent, follow-through, level of savagery.

For everyone in the group - that whole 'death during a commission of a felony' thingy that can pin murder charges on a thug if the victim has a heart-attack.

For the whole group.

Want to take adult responsibilities (taking a life)? Then get charged as an adult. The whole group.

And, as George Smythe said, a few Public Hangings. Some a the Fair, some in the neighborhoods where the rats came from.

Even if no other hood-rat learns, at least these rats' days would be over.

drjim said...

Agree with beans and Mr. Smythe.

Time to start making use of the lampposts in Baltimore.....

ASM826 said...

A carry permit will not help you in the event of a sudden unprovoked attack. He was down and dying before he would have had time to reach for a weapon.

Glen Filthie said...

This is blacks doing what blacks do, absent intellect and morals.

Our ancestors did not go round, lynching random blacks for fun and amusement. Nor were they hateful, nasty people with nothing better to do. As I get ever more red pilled I believe that they truly understood the black man, and we are the ones that don’t and won’t. In better times we would have called those youths niggers and treated them as such.

I get that not all blacks are like that. We have good ones at our church. But: the average black IQ is 85. That is just a smidge above what is considered mental retardation in whites. For people like that, justice has to be simple, brutal and fast. As it is now, jail and juvie are now rights of passage for black “youths”.

The Z Man also lives in Lagos and goes on at length about the diversity tax. Highly recommended reading.

Old NFO said...

Murder one. Period. Tried as adults.

skybill said...

Hi "Patch,"
What "OLD NFO" said..... I concur!!

B said...

"in a nice middle class town"

Maybe it once was that, but once animals like that become able to walk the streets, it ain't a "nice" town anymore.

My advice is that you begin the process of selling your home and move elsewhere.

You'll notice that white kids seldom do this sort of behavior.....

igor said...

That was bad, but I expect worse, during the time ahead. But I notice that this was ten miles from you, which means that it was 30 miles from us, in Virginia. We do a little bit better on the carry side of things.

Richard said...

+1 for ASM826.

You could be carrying an AR at low ready and it wouldn't do you any good in this scenario. Just stay away.

Ken said...

"But I notice that this was ten miles from you, which means that it was 30 miles from us, in Virginia. We do a little bit better on the carry side of things."

For now.

Home on the Range said...

If the races were reversed they would be proclaiming on all the major news channels that this was a "hate" crime. So sorry to read this.

MrGarabaldi said...

They should be charged as adults for murder, but the "community" and their enablers will raise hell because the kids were "funnin" and they "are good boys and don't deserve to go to jail?". Well what about the family of the victim? He is discounted, his life has less meaning? Laws were created to replace vigilantism. If this continues people will start taking laws back into their own hands.