Friday, September 6, 2019

I hadn't known that the U.S.S Missouri was shot at by an Iraqi missile in 1991

I also hadn't known that there is a blog called WW2 after WW2.  There's a detailed post about the missiles used by the Iraqis and how they shot at (and missed) the Mighty Mo during Gulf War I.

I know some of you will dig this kind of stuff, so you're welcome.


drjim said...

When I visited the Missouri I was surprised by how different the Radio Room was from the Iowa. Our escort told me that the other three Iowa-class ships had received additional upgrades for Gulf War I that they Iowa never received.

When they mothballed the Iowa after the Turret #2 explosion, they just left her up in Suisun Bay, while the other three went to the shipyards for additional modernization and upgrades.

Aesop said...
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Aesop said...


In '83/84, the word was passed that PLO terrorists might attack New Jersey off the Lebanese coast with a speedboat bomb loaded with explosives.

Assuming they got past the CIWS, the official response drill was that after the detonation, put the ship about 180°, lower two swabbies over the side with paintbrushes and a can of Haze Gray, paint over the scorch mark on the 2-yard thick armor belts, then come about 180° again, and steam close inshore to let them know they were wasting their time.