Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why the Left loses

Offered for your consideration:

Nice, huh?  Two things jump out:

1. Manners cost you nothing, but does @ElleBee really think that calling 50% of the country names will bring them around to voting for her side?  Srlsy?

2. Note that the inhabitants of the red regions are "Dumb", per Ms. ElleBee.  Also note that Ms. ElleBee seems not to know that Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin both voted for Trump, and should be red, not blue.  She has also insulted the voters of Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, who voted for Ms. Clinton.  All in all, a quite impressive display of her, err, intellectual ability.

We shall leave it as an exercise for the open minded progressive to ponder the twin attractions of "smart uber alles" when combined with a demonstrated below average IQ, and a propensity to insult your opponent, rather than offering reasoned argument.  Also left as an exercise is whether in four years their preferred strategy of "do it again, only harder!" will offer a more congenial outcome.

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New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's an old graphic. That's why it doesn't match 2016. It might be from 2004? Not sure.