Friday, November 18, 2016

George Carlin on why "It's important not to give a shit"

There's a lot in this about Donald Trump, if you listen with ears that will hear.

He walked his own path, as has Trump.  He started as more of a punk, but he became a success by becoming himself, and remaining himself.


libertyman said...

George Carlin was very bright, though I feel he was very bitter toward the end of his life.
I saw him live in 1975 and he was a hoot.

He was a keen observer of language and the human condition.

Very interesting interview, and an interesting comparison to Trump.

drjim said...

I watched him go through his "bitter old man" phase, too.

He seemed to "get over it" after a few years, and he started being pretty funny again, but I never understood or heard anybody really talk about what sent him down that path for a while....

Jerry The Geek said...

If he said a lot of things that you didn't like, and that turned you off ... he has done his job. End of the "list of people who ought to be killed" he got off on the NRA.

Funny. He made good points, I didn't agree with him, except Wayne LaPierre is kind of a 'funny' name for the leader of the NRA.