Sunday, November 6, 2016

Joseph Joachim Raff, Symphony No. 10, "To Autumn Time"

Everyone remembered to turn back their clocks, right?  There's a classical music piece for that.

The German-Swiss composer Joseph Joachim Raff was quite famous  in his day, but is almost entirely forgotten today.  His family fled to Switzerland in 1810 to keep the French from drafting his father into the Grand Armee which would be wiped out in Russia two years later.  You might say that his father was saved by a switch in time.

Raff was a prolific composer, perhaps best compared to Brahams (at least with this piece which was written around the same time as Brahams' works).  His last four symphonies were each titled after a season, including this one here.

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libertyman said...

Another "new" guy!

An amazing talent.