Friday, November 18, 2016

Software Development as child's play

One of the blogs that I most miss is Aretae - that dude really made me think.  He hasn't been blogging for a couple years now, for a reason.

Agile programming is the new software development hotness, but my experience is that a lot of organizations do it wrong.  When done right, it keeps teams focused like a laser on what's important and lets them crank code out crazy fast.  When done wrong, it frustrates everyone, wastes a huge about of everyone's time, and results in the same bloated code as before, taking as long to write as before.

Aretae's book gives a narrative on what the deal is with Agile, which may be the best way to avoid the pitfalls of sloppy implementation.  If you do Agile, you should probably check this out.  Like I said, he's one scary smart dude.

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EricN said...

All I see with Agile is shitty expensive software and a bunch of process engineer BS larded on everything