Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Detente with Russia?

Boy, there sure are a lot of people who don't like the idea of Trump de-escalating tensions with Russia.  Quite frankly, it sure looks like some folks (*cough* EU *cough*) sure have pushed Russia to the edge:
So from a Russian perspective, they are entirely surrounded by historically or currently hostile actors with a history of invasion by them and a recent history of “Color Revolutions” instigated by Soros and his fellow travelers in the EU having taken down a series of Slavic Countries to the west. (Czech Republic, Slovakia, the various parts of the old Yugoslavia, Ukraine, etc. etc.) with Russia as “on the menu”. Thus Putin tossing Soros out and banning his “Non-governmental” Organizations… 
Now, one more little item to remember: When Eastern Germany was allowed to merge with West Germany, Gorbachev was given an iron clad guarantee that NATO would not extend “one thumbs width” further East. Now Nato borders Russia in several areas.
From the Russian POV, NATO has violated all agreements, expanded into Slavic lands, often via politically manipulative “color revolutions” and then insists on imposing “European Values” by which is usually meant the Soros Selected set of anti-Nation and anti-tradition and anti-Church and anti-European Culture destructive ideologies. Then we go and put anti-missile missiles in Poland (that shares a border with the part of Russia named Kaliningrad) where NATO was promised not to be.
When you figure that NATO (*cough* US Military *cough*) is their muscle, it seems entirely reasonable for President Trump to ask what the USA is getting from all this.


Roy said...

Who are these people? Escalating tensions with Russia is just plain stupid.

How do you suppose the US would react if a somewhat friendly-to-Washington government in Mexico was overthrown via military coup and replaced with a very unfriendly government that was seen to be controlled by Moscow. Do you think we would react negatively and maybe give aid and weapons to the people who were displaced - or maybe even go to war over it?

How would the US have reacted if a country on or very near our border had joined the Warsaw Pact back in the 60's or 70's? Well, one doesn't have to wonder about that. See: "1962, Cuban missile crisis!" We almost went to nuclear war over that one.

Why would we expect Russia under Putin to not react in the same way!

Russia might not be our friend, but they are not our enemy either.

Trump's promise to de-escalate tensions with Russia is one of the prime reasons I voted for him.

That goof-in-a-pants-suit was openly talking about declaring a no-fly zone over Syria. She never adequately answered the question: "What will you do when Russia refuses to cooperate?"

The people in charge right now are stupid and very dangerous. January 20 can't get here soon enough.

Will said...

Frankly, I hope one of the first things Trump does is whack anti-Western Civilization Soros. He seems to be the biggest enemy the US and Europe have right now, and I would expect that the majority of all the past Presidents we have had would vote to eliminate him. Perhaps the rest of the "elites" would pay attention after that.