Sunday, November 20, 2016

How pathetic are the University "Safe Spaces"?

So pathetic that Piers Morgan is slamming them:
To the winner of a US presidential election goes all the spoils of being the most powerful person on earth...

To the loser, no gold stars for effort.

Winners like Trump don’t believe in ‘participation prizes.’ They believe you either win or lose.

Winners like Trump don’t weep and wail when they lose. They vow to win next time.

Winners like Trump don’t take days off to ‘process’ their loss. They dust themselves down and get on with life.
I didn't expect someone like him to pen this, but it is outstanding.  I expect that it is because he is (like me) of a certain age and this is how he was raised.
Hillary Clinton was their anointed one, their heroine, their pick for first female president.

No matter that she was a dull, humourless, uninspiring candidate mired in Wall Street greed, Washington dogma, and dodgy email servers.

Trump won because he didn’t even bother trying to conform to this new world order of eggshell-hopping me-me-me millennials who infest places like New York and California.

Instead, he invested his time and effort in America’s rust belt states where such idealistic, sugar-coated nonsense is complete anathema.
Sing it, brother ...
So suck it up you squealing softies, get back to work or college, and if you want to win next time, get a candidate who’s a winner not a loser.
Translation: Buck up, Sissy Pants.

So to the young Special Snowflake crowd, just let me add that when you are derided and mocked by Piers Morgan, it's time to make some changes in your outlook.  Just sayin'.  You could start here.


Old NFO said...

No surprise... And reality IS going to bite those special snowflakes... sigh

Cecil Henry said...

Yes, but those 'special snowflakes' can be very nasty. And more than eager to support even nastier overlords.

Just look here:

In Canada, this discussion just may be hate crime someday soon:

JB Peterson Debate on Bill C-16 19th Nov 2016

If only this were a joke. But its NOT.

drjim said...

I never ever thought I'd agree with something Piers Morgan wrote.....

Ted said...

If you ever watched "apprentice" this is not a surprise, Piers was a strong competitor and has a good relationship with Trump. As I recall he was a "Fianalist" and maybe even the winner of one season and then came back as guest interviewer later on.

In any case, It is not a surprise that Piers is a Trumpist.

Jerry The Geek said...

As Far As I Can Tell, Trump won not because he had any special qualities, charisma or Plans To Make America Great Again!

He won because he WAS NOT HILLARY.

If he was running against anyone else, he would have suffered an ignominious loss.

Trump owes a YUGE dept to those of us who held our nose and voted NOT HILLARY!

But I don't expect a bundle of roses from Trump via Floral Telegram Delivery for making him the Golden Boy, because I would have voted for my local dogcatcher over either national candidate.

At least I know my dogcatcher knows how to do his job.

Arthur said...

Even in this though he shortchanges her:
"No matter that she was a dull, humourless, uninspiring candidate mired in Wall Street greed, Washington dogma, and dodgy email servers."

Just the felonies she's admitted to, with the "Well, I didn't MEAN to" defense would have put ANYone else away for the rest of their lives.

She's not just an awful hag, she's an absolutely soulless criminal.

Will said...

Jerry the Geek:

The fact that no one on the GOP side could hold a candle to him would seem to make your statement incorrect. He blew them all into the weeds, and then just barely squeaked past her "margin of fraud". I think it's clear that if he hadn't run, she would have won it.