Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thoughts on the Media freakout

I don't have any idea what Trump will do as President, at least concerning specific policy details.  Build a wall?  Maybe.  Maybe a big wall, may be a little one.  May not build one at all.  I just don't know.

Same for the other policies.  I guess we'll all see soon enough.

But one thing has become crystal clear in the last week: Trump will make two BIG changes that are entirely beneficial to this Republic:

1. He will (continue to) cut the legs out of the professional Political Correctness crowd.

2. He will (continue) to expose the Media as the liars and idiots that they are.

Both of these are a breath of fresh air.

Hey teacher!  Up with your rules!  'Cause everybody knows that smoking ain't allowed in school ...


ccbpc said...

He's off to a good start, and he isn't even in office yet.

ASM826 said...

He's collecting some main stream Republicans I wouldn't have voted for. Ryan and Romney come to mind. I wish he had found some people that didn't have their baggage. Romney is one of the last people that purports to be a Republican that I would want to see in the Administration.

Borepatch said...

ASM826, I'd like to see more people who have shown that they can handle the Media. For all their faults, Gulianni and Newt are masters at changing the narrative.

I have much less developed preference after that, although I agree that old nag GOP milquetoast has beens are not really inspiring.

Old NFO said...

Lets hope he actually gets some of these things done!

Chris said...

I have no doubt that some of those "old nag GOP milquetoast has beens" are there as part of a deal with the party.

matism said...

What's wrong with Romney at State, as long as President Trump has at least one high-placed mole in that Department? What can Mittens REALLY do that President Trump could not rapidly reverse? Other than piss and moan and commiserate with his fellow "diplomats" about how foul Trump is, of course. But why not throw them that sop?

And as far as Haley, same thing with her at the UN. What can she REALLY do there that can't be rapidly reversed?

Not sure what you mean by including Ryan, ASM826. I expect you meant to post "Priebus" instead. But Trump knows there are SOME things he will need Congress to pass in order to accomplish his goals, and Priebus is as good a point man as any. Yes, he's a Rove Republican POS, but I think he understands what just happened to the GOP, and does not want it to fall the REST of the way into the pit, as the Democrats seem to be doing. As long as Trump can keep Bannon where he is, they should be able to get as much good as possible out of the legislature without sacrificing any more than absolutely necessary.

Of course, General Mattis would have been a good choice for SoS. Can you see the Leftist heads exploding? But SoD would be a good job for him as well. As long as Trump can get Congress to waive the seven year law...

Will said...


The State Dept needs to be cleaned out, not reinforced with more of the same. Romney may not be quite as far left as the idiots that infest that den of iniquity, but he isn't going to do us any good.

Hmm, wonder what Diplomad has to say on the subject?