Monday, November 7, 2016

The Queen Of The World scolds a bunch of idjits

She posted this on the Book of Face:
I worry that people who believe ugly words spoken 11 yrs ago by a private citizen are more important than national security, our economy, and our future. I worry who will watch out for these people who seem to have no sense of reality. I worry about the values of those who are willing to completely overlook multiple criminal acts and lies instead of realize the impact of those actions on their own futures and what's at stake. I worry about those who can't see a vote for that criminal will result in her running mate becoming president when its all said and done. Its a scary thing to know there are so many people in this country willing to overlook so much wrong doing by one with a proven track record of lies and criminal acts because someone else said bad things about women 11 years ago.

REALLY???? Are they really THAT offended? I don't think so. I think they're either that uninformed or that incapable of taking a realistic look at the whole picture and using a little common sense. Or both. How can anyone possibly justify voting for someone who shouldn't even be able to run? Someone soon to be brought up on very serious criminal charges? Someone who may soon lose their own voting privileges? Yeah....I worry. I guess I always believed Americans were smarter than that.
All y'all can now go back to your regularly scheduled stuff.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Thank her for us.


Borepatch said...

Done. ;-)

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

Some of us believe that the words spoken 11 years ago reflect the current beliefs and behaviors of that private citizen, which makes us worry about our national security, economy, and future if put in the hands of said private citizen. He was not a teenager in a high-school locker room (all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding). He can be viewed on video attempting to kiss a woman who clearly was not interested, after berating her and making crude jokes at her expense at a large public gathering.

I would not leave either of my daughters (aged 14 and 15) alone with this private citizen, particularly given the crime he was accused of against a 13-year-old girl. This is not about a single, isolated incident 11 years ago - this is about a pattern of ugly, misogynistic behavior spanning five decades of public life, perpetrated by a man who also espouses deeply racist and xenophobic beliefs. A man who boasts about cheating the rest of us by not paying his taxes. A man who has cheated his creditors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. A man who has gone bankrupt so many times that reputable banks won't deal with him any more.

If you think our disgust with this man is just due to one, isolated incident, you are sadly mistaken. You need to get out of your echo chamber and talk with (*not* type at) people with different views. We are *not* uninformed. We are *not* stupid. We are *not* personally corrupt (I'll get my paycheck regardless of who wins). We are *not* evil, or traitors. And to the extent that you insist we must be one or more of those things, you endanger this great country of ours. I spend time insisting to "librals" that non-liberals are none of those things - I would appreciate you returning the favor.

And, as it happens, I hope that if elected he serves his whole term, because *his* VP choice is one of the most anti-human-rights politicians in this country. If fear for my own safety if MP becomes president.

Finally, there is not a shred of objective evidence that the other person to whom you refer has in fact committed criminal actions. Even the Clinton-hating and leaking-like-a-sieve FBI cannot find such evidence, and folks have been looking for that evidence for more than 30 years. To quote that late Antonin Scalia, get over it.

I personally worry about the security, economy, and future of my country when one of our political parties becomes so extreme that compromise is forbidden, constitutional duties are ignored, and impeachment or jail is threatened even before the voting finishes. This isn't a political party - its a temper tantrum.

Try listening - you might learn something. That's why I come to this blog in the first place, to try and understand why folks who disagree with me do so (I'd like to understand why you hate us - we're just as Real American (TM) as you).

Nonesuch River 1758 said...

And Borepatch - you aren't an 'idjit'. Why call me an idjit? Such attacks suggest that you know you don't have a valid argument, so you must resort to ad hom. Sad.

You are better than that. At least, you used to be.

Borepatch said...

Nonesuch, I'm a bit mystified as to why you think I called you an idjit. This was a post from my lovely bride. And note that she didn't call you an idjit either.

She did point out - correctly, in my mind - that a great many people in this election cycle don't look at issues. Instead, they look at innuendo (as in your first comment here).

My opinion is that people usually are tribal, not rational. They rationalize things after the fact to support their positions. I'm actually OK with that, but a tribal approach to how the country is run is not anything that can be described as intelligent. It comes from an older, more powerful (and non-intellectual) center of the mammalian brain.

Goober said...

They get us to fight amongst ourselves so much that we forget to focus on the real enemy:


Who would choose either of these miserable wretches to run our country?

We're fighting over which lizard should be governing us so much that we can't stop and ask ourselves why we're allowing the lizards to govern at all.

*note: this is not a reptilian overlord conspiracy post, even though it sounds that way.

Goober said...

Yup, you're right, Trump sucks.

Goober said...

But you're also wrong on one point, too. Clinton is a corrupt inept criminal that screws up everything she touches.

You must understand that some of us would rather a sucky misogynistic a-hole than a corrupt, inept, war mongering bungler get elected. Even if you forget the corruption and accept that somehow the fog of corruption has somehow followed her for 40 years while being lily white in all manners, you still must accept that she's got no accomplishments at all other than screw ups and failures, and she's a war monger.

You may not want your daughters near trump. I don't blame you. BUT I don't want my sons anywhere near a Clinton presidency. Shed send them to die without a qualm, and choose not to support them for political reasons to save her own ass.