Saturday, November 19, 2016

Brigid's new book is out

Brigid is not only my friend and sister-from-another-mister, she's the best writer that I know.  She has a way of crafting sentences that quite frankly makes me quite envious.  There's no doubt that my writing has improved under her influence, but more importantly I've gotten many, many hours of pleasure from reading her blog and her books.

Now she has a new book out.

Head on over there and get you some of that.


Brigid said...

Thanks Ted - the sales this week are going to a Lab Rescue Group some friends are part of as well as Kevlar for K9's which is a non-profit that provides Kevlar vests for K9's in small police departments and military units that otherwise might not have one. I regularly donate to both groups but for the book launch, they're getting 100%.]

Drop me your new address if you'd like an autographed copy.

Guffaw in AZ said...

She is indeed AMAZING! As both a writer and a human being. I'm proud to be her friend.