Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The World turned upside down

I spoke and emailed with several people yesterday, people who were very worried that Clinton would win.  My argument to them was this: We live surrounded by countless lies.  Most of what we are told is a lie.  Instead of listening to that noise, believe what you see with your own two eyes.

That can be tricky, too.  Here's a picture of a city in the clouds.

We're surrounded by countless lies.  We're used to photoshop - smart people always question whether what they see in a picture is legit.  To paraphrase the old commercial: is it real, or is it photoshop?

This is real.  It's from NASA's Astronomy Picture Of The Day, and it shows the shadows from the Chicago skyline cast onto Lake Michigan.  When you see something unusual, it's very often that you can figure out what is going on.

Like this election: the polls almost all showed her ahead, but the eyes reported something different.  Trump got more GOP primary votes than anyone in history.  Clinton had to rig the primaries to beat a dottering old socialist that nobody had heard of, and who had no accomplishments during a lifetime in office.  Trump rallies were like rock concerts, full of people, noise, and energy.  Clinton's gatherings were small, and often stuffed with paid campaign workers.

And most of all, the Queen Of The World and I went to Ohio and back several times during her Dad's final illness.  No Clinton signs anywhere, Trump signs everywhere.  And we went through Columbus each time - the true blue heart of Democrat Ohio.

The eyes don't lie, but you just need to connect the dots to make the picture make sense sometimes.  I've been saying for months that Trump would win - this is why.

I don't know what Trump will do as President, or whether he will be a good one or not.  But if there's just one thing that comes from his time in office, let it be an end to the lies we hear from the Press, from the Universities, from our "betters".  That would be refreshing, and the outcome of last night's contest would hopefully provide a moment for them to reflect.

But if not, remember to trust your eyes, even if it sometimes seems upside down.


lee n. field said...

"we are surrounded by lies"

and gaslighting.

Ted said...

No .... that image has been photoshopped .... not real. How exactly did the skyline get backlit thru the cloud cover??? with that much intensity that the setting sun ( which is lower on the horizon in the reflection ) over power the direct reflection of the sun. .... and based on the the scale of the buildings in the reflection we should be ale to see them . and the refleced image has no cloud reflections abive the buildings It just all wrong....

Ken said...

Actually, Cleveland is a lot more blue than Columbus. Granted, with Ohio Republicans it's hard to tell the difference. ;-)

Borepatch said...

Ted, if you click through the link to NASA, you'll get the story on the photo. It's not a photoshop.