Friday, June 3, 2016

Why do people get into Information Security?

It seems that it's the least stressful job around:
Everyone knows that being an infosec analyst is a cushy job – but did you know quite how much? Because according to job website CareerCast, it is literally the least stressful job in the country. 
The company measured 11 stress factors, including the amount of travel, deadlines, competitiveness, physical demands, risk to your life, and being in the public eye and concluded that the best of all possible worlds was in infosec. 
"The proliferation of sensitive content stored online, as well as the growing importance of cloud computing, is fueling the demand for more information security analysts. Job prospects and competitive pay make this new addition to the Jobs Rated report one of the best jobs for 2016," CareerCast argues. 
In fact, CareerCast seems to have a thing for infosec analysts, putting it not only bottom of the stress league but also listing it as the third best job to have in the United States, with a median salary of $89,000 and a healthy 18 per cent growth outlook. It's beaten only by statistician and data scientist.
Not sure I'd say that it's the least stressful job around, but job opportunities abound and pay is good.  And that's only getting better.

I posted a while back on how you can get into the field on the cheap.


ASM826 said...

It's like flying an airliner. It's very low stress 99.999% of the time. It's those other 10 minutes where you earn your pay.

Spike said...

That, or you are a consultant, and you've presented your findings and washed your hands when manglement refuses to make changes.