Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Need another excuse to not get a Samsung "Smart" TV?

Long time readers may remember when Samsung started recording and uploading your conversations.  Now they've upped the creepiness in their "Smart" TVs by adding advertisements:
An insider has stated that Samsung, the largest manufacturer of televisions in the world, is not only seeking to expand the use of hardware-baked advertising tiles in its newer models, but also to use software updates to make the functionality possible for older TVs which did not originally include it. 
An unnamed member of the company’s ad-sales team in New York is reported to have said that Samsung is not only working with increased ad-agency thrusts to maximise its ad-sales position on its technology, but will also use ‘software updates to retroactively activate tile ads on older smart TV models’.
So shell out some big coin for a fancy Internet connected Samsung TV and you'll have to look at all the adverts they plaster all over your expensive screen.  Blech.


Comrade Misfit said...

I'm keeping my 26" Sharp CRT TV until Hell freezes over.

Cecil Henry said...

See, they think you're property.

To be used, coerced and monitored how they please. Enough