Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Internet Of Things attacks

25,000 hacked closed circuit cameras form Botnet from Hell:
A massive network of hacked CCTV cameras is being used to bring down computers around the world, we're told. 
When the security biz dug into the source of the duff packets, it found they were all coming from internet-connected CCTV cameras – devices that had been remotely hijacked by miscreants to attack other systems. 
Exactly how the cameras were infected isn't yet known, although an early analysis points the finger of blame at a security hole in DVR boxes used by many CCTV cameras. The remote-code execution vulnerability was discovered in March; sadly, CCTVs aren't high on the patching priority list of most admins.
Ah, the "Internet Of Things".  Everything will be so much Internetier when everything has an IP address.  Well, they're here.

Dang it.

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