Monday, June 13, 2016

So do they have actual geniuses at the Apple Store "Genius Bar"?

Well, this guy seemed pretty smart:
A thief in New York City was able lift more than $16,000 worth of Apple merchandise by dressing up as a store employee. 
The brazen bloke walked into the SoHo Apple Store location at around 5.30PM on June 1, and took 19 iPhones from the store without being detected. 
His clever disguise? A blue t-shirt that police said was "similar" to the uniform worn by Apple's retail store workers. 
We're told the thief was able to pass as an employee long enough to walk through the store and into a repair room, where he accessed a drawer containing the iPhones. He then passed off the plundered handsets to an accomplice, who stuffed them under his shirt. Both of them exited the store without being stopped by security.
The jokes sort of write themselves.


Old NFO said...

Huh, wonder where 'security' was...

matism said...

It's Apple, Old NFO. They don't NEED no steenkin' security. EVERYONE knows that...

burt said...

Actually, the thief wasn't such a genius after all. The phones will be rendered unusable by blocking the ESN on each phone. It's easy: they'll just report the phones as stolen - which they are.

A REAL genius would have taken iPods and iPads - no ESN to block.

Hey, don't look at ME if that's the next thing they steal!