Thursday, June 2, 2016

Quote of the Day: Trump Derangement Syndrome edition

I think that this hits the nail on the head:
What really rankles the likes of [Jonah] Goldberg is that they will have no influence in a Trump administration. They will get no cabinet positions, judgeships, or ambassadorships; they will not be hired as aides, pollsters, analysts, staff members, spokespersons, or consultants; they will not be placed on panels and commissions; and, perhaps most importantly, they will not be invited to the White House. They have told Trump in no uncertain terms that they despise him, and they have done everything possible (remember the special issue of National Review entitled "Against Trump"?) to derail his candidacy. Trump has heard these critics loudly and clearly, and we know that he never rewards either opposition or disloyalty. (Nor should he.) How awful it must be to think of oneself as a conservative intellectual, to be in the prime of one's life, to be itching for power, and to have waited eight long years to regain influence on public policy, only to know that one will remain on the outside for at least four and perhaps eight more years. 
The GOP Establishment has lost their minds, and it will very likely get worse.


burt said...

The GOPe is reaping the crop they have sown: constituents angry at having been lied to and ignored for far too long by a GOPe seemingly more interested in its own spot at the government trough than in those who put them in office.

America is pissed off. And the GOPe helped piss off America.

ProudHillbilly said...

Yeah. Entertaining, isn't it?

ProudHillbilly said...

Yeah. Entertaining, isn't it?

drjim said...

I'm praying for a Trump landslide win.

And I mean a mega-landslide, critic-crushing win.