Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Father's Day parable

This from a couple years ago captures precisely the spirit of Father's Day:
My wife calls me at work, and we have the usual end-of-the-day chat. Then:
"Oh, by the way, Guy wants you to take him to the hardware store, he wants to get some tape."
"What kind of tape?"
"He says he wants 'wood tape'."
"Wood tape?"
"Wood tape."
"Uhhh, ok. When?"
"Sometime this weekend. He is really looking forward to going."
Guy is my four-year-old son.
This might not be the best thing you'll read all day, but it will be in the running.


Old NFO said...

Happy Father's Day!

Jerry The Geek said...

I made a living as a Systems Analyst for (mumble mumble) decades, and I didn't see this one coming.

Well, I've only been a father for .. omgawd, has it been forty years now?

That's all right; I still don't understand my kids (although one of them DID think to call me to wish me a Happy Father's day)

Anonymous said...

Thanks an awesome tale! A keeper. Happy Father's Day.