Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Windows upgraded itself to Windows 10 without your permission?

Call the lawyers:
A California woman has won $10,000 from Microsoft after a sneaky Windows 10 update wrecked the computer she used to run her business. Now she's urging everyone to follow suit and "fight back." 
Teri Goldstein – who manages a travel agency in Sausalito, just north of San Francisco – told The Register she landed the compensation by taking Microsoft to a small claims court. 
Rather than pursue a regular lawsuit, she chose the smaller court because it was better suited to sorting out consumer complaints. Crucially, it meant Microsoft couldn't send one of its top-gun lawyers – or any lawyer in fact: small claims courts are informal and attorneys are generally not allowed. Instead, Redmond-based Microsoft had to send a consumer complaints rep to argue its case.
Your Honor, for upgrade information press "1" ...

Couldn't have happened to a nicer company.


Ted said...

Just discovered windows 10 doen't come with a DVD Player ( Windows Media Player )

.......... But they will gladly add it in for a mere $15.00 WTF

Anonymous said...

She could buy a couple of top-of-the-line MacBook Pros with the AppleCare extended warranty with that money.

Richard Blaine said...

Ohhh, math time.

If we just talk about windows 8 - back in 2014 MS claimed over 200 million licences sold.
At 10K per
200,000,000 that's 2 trillion bucks (unless I counted my zero's wrong) Ouch. That's leaving out the folks on win7 (like me) - and you probably can't even upgrade XP - maybe Vista.

So what if 5% of the people affected filed suit? $100B ouch again.