Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bering Straight - I Could Use A Hero

Country music from Russia?  Da, tovarich!  It's not Bluegrass, it's "Redgrass" ...

Bering Strait was a country music band from Obninsk, Russia - site of the first electricity producing nuclear power plant and sister city with Oak Ridge, TN.  Natasha Borzilova's (the lead singer) father was a nuclear scientist who died from radiation exposure at Chernobyl.    She recounts the band's origin:
Bering Strait consisted of a group of classically trained child prodigy musicians, all born in Obninsk, Russia,  and the children of scientists who came to the United States to pursue their musical dreams. The band was put together by their music teacher who had a love for bluegrass music and introduced them to the genre. As time passed, the band evolved into a country band with bluegrass roots. Natasha was the lead singer and acoustic guitarist.
The band members moved to Nashville after having interest from several major record labels. After being on several labels, they settled down with Universal South Records long enough to release two albums and a few videos. They were nominated for a Grammy in the Country Instrumental category in 2003 and were also on 60 Minutes in a featured piece which aired just before the Grammy Awards and another two times later that same year.
That's a long, long way to the Grand Ole Opry.  Their music is perhaps a little surprising in that it sounds like, well, normal country music.  It's perhaps a little over-produced  but the performances are excellent.

I Could Use A Hero (Songwriters: Tammy Wagoner, Billy Montana)
Who will rescue my heart?
Who will save my soul?
Who will give me strength?
Fill my cup with hope?

I could use a sunrise, I could use a rainbow;
Someone on a white horse, I could use a hero.

Who will light my way?
Take me through the night?
Who will hear my voice?
Hold me when I cry?

I could use a sunrise, I could use a rainbow;
Someone on a white horse, I could use a hero.
I could use an angel to guard against the shadows;
I could use a strong heart, I could use a hero.

Is there a dream (Is there a dream)
waiting for me (waiting for me)?
Is that too much to ask?

I could use a hero.
I could use a hero.
Yeah, I could use a hero.

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