Friday, June 17, 2016

Why are gun banners so racist?

Oh, the shame:
A group of Muslim-Americans filed a class-action lawsuit against the United States’ use of a terrorist watch list, which they say has created “an injustice of historic proportions”.
Eighteen plaintiffs, including a four-year-old known simply as Baby Doe, say their constitution rights were violated after being placed on the federal terrorist watch list.
The lawsuit, initiated by the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Michigan Chapter (CAIR-MI), was filed against several high-ranking US officials, including Christopher Piehota, director of the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC).
The plaintiffs, all of whom are American citizens, have been “falsely stigmatised as ‘known or suspected’ terrorists” and “denied a meaningful opportunity to challenge their designation on the federal watch list,” the lawsuit states.
Gadeir Abbas, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, told Middle East Eye that being on the watch list has turned thousands of Americans into second-class citizens.
Now we know why Obama won't say the words "radical islam".  His people maintaining the Watch List think that 4 year old Baby Doe is a radical muslim ...

And so we must ask: why do Democrats want to deny Muslim Americans their second amendment rights?

This moment of schadenfreude is brought to you at no additional charge.  It's all part of being a full service blog.

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Ted said...

Like most of my friends ( of the male verity - the girls all had horses or other livestock to take care of ) in the small farm town where I grew up , I became a gun owner at 13....... but 4 is still way too young.