Thursday, June 23, 2016

Is today a prelude to the November election?

Britain votes today on whether to leave the EU or not.  The campaign there sounds suspiciously familiar to the one here:
Permanent wage suppression is just a fact of importing cheap labour, and it's only in the past month that people have felt able to raise this (and the lid has now been shut firmly back down on that again) without being shouted at.
Policies that favor the rich and worsen the lives of the middle class?  Check.  Objections to those policies shouted down as "racist"?  Check.  This all sounds familiar.

Today the voters in Her Britannic Majesty's Scepter'd Isle go to the polls to cast their vote as to whether they want to remain Her Britannic Majesty's Scepter'd Isle, or become Euros.  The arguments there map the arguments here.  The debate runs hot there as here.  The elites there are in a panic, as they are here.

This looks like a global insurgency.  Today (and November) will show whether or not the insurgency is yuge.


Ted said...

On one hand I hope that the brits have the stones to leave the EU, and that in doing so it doesn't crash the market to any large degree.

...but the recent polls say that there just aren't enough William Wallace's to make the difference even if the typical English weather suppresses the vote count.

.... are English polls any more real than the "polls" the MSM tries to foist on us??

If "Brexit" wins then that should really panic the elites.

The media will go apoplectic. It should be fun.

Arthur said...

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

I would be shocked if the brits were allowed to leave.