Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TheOnesDay® No. 15

It's Wednesday (err, TheOnesDay™), and so it's time for your regularly scheduled mockery of the Egghead Leader who's supposed to transcend our mediocrity.

Mussolini sent a telegram to Hitler.  ARMY IN GOOD RUNNING SHAPE.  STOP.  SRLSY.  FULL STOP.

What's that?  Why joke about Mussolini, rather than the Lightbringer?  Well it's because Il Duce would crush TheOne in an election.  Srlsy.  The Obama campaign is fixin to get the message presently, and that message reads FULL STOP.

Alinksy's rules, everybody.  They worked for decades to take over the system; show them that The Man is still a ripe target for mockery.

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