Friday, April 8, 2011

What women say about men

As a man, I know what men say about women (when the ladies aren't around).  I'd sometimes wondered what women say about men (when we're not around).

Well OK, then.  LOL.


North said...

I don't wonder. For some reason I've become the go-to guy for all of my wife's friends when it comes to talking about sex. Apparently I'm their Dr. Ruth.

And - I'm no where as shocked as most people would be. I'm used to it. I've taken phone calls in the middle dinner to converse about [ insert sex act here ].

Women are so different from men, and so much the same.

Southern Belle said...

I wondered why there were suddenly so many hits on my blog.... thanks!

Home on the Range said...

Having worked with nothing but men my whole life I'm surprised that was something they would talk about constantly until I showed up. then "how about those Bears!"

I can only imagine the conversations after I left.

Mu women friends? Sci Fi, mechanics, beer and sex. Oh and things blowing up. NO different than the average gal.

North said...

mechanics: The science or the occupation?

KurtP said...

I was a maintenance electrician in the Navy for base housing in Rota, Spain. Sometimes when I was working under the counter or away- but within earshot they'd forget I was there.

Dude- I didn't hear that kind of language and graphic detail (ok, maybe language) in a locker room or men's only bar.

Jaw dropping is the only way to describe Navy wives getting together over coffee.