Friday, April 15, 2011

It's always a good flight when you're going home

But when you have a 90 minute departure delay because of bad weather in Atlanta, you're not flying at all.

Sigh. I guess I don't want to fly into a tornado.

And when most of the passengers deplaned, and some of us stayed on board, she opened the bar. "Y'all come back to the drinks and I'll do whatever you want.". Hilarity ensued.

Heh. Me, I hope to be driving home tonight from Hartsfield, so I'm being good.

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UPDATE 16 April 2011 00:43: Home now.   The flight was really uneventful.  They did a good job of routing us around the storm, and the pilot did a good job of making lots of S turns smooth.  But watching the storm from above was pretty wild.  It was spectacular.  Brigid, I expect it would have made the radar screens light up like Christmas trees.


Irish said...

Have a safe trip BP :)

Home on the Range said...

I looked at NexRad radar. Stay on the ground. Nite. (been quite a week, call and we can make fun of the French together).