Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Tranquility Lost has a set of 19-by-God-11 sweetness for you, from the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.  Some are a bit garish for my taste, but of the two dozen or so, more than half would be a nice addition to the gun safe.

And I so am heading up to Waco to this museum, next time I'm out in Austin.


Southern Belle said...

heh... Waco is pretty far from Austin, am thnking about 5 hours drive time.

elrojo said...

I drove past the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame a number of times when I was in Texas. The last time I was down there (30+ years) I did stop and to this day I can't quit kicking myself for not having stopped before. A wonderful collection of guns and the amazing thing is so many of them are presentation pieces from a greatful public to their favorite Rangers.

Dwight Brown said...

Southern Belle:

No, not that far. I've done that trip.

From my apartment in North Austin to the museum, Google Maps has it at 1 hour 45 minutes and 97.6 miles (mostly on I-35 North). I'd consider it an easy day trip by myself. (Less so with kids.)

Dave H said...

Looks like a few of the Rangers carried saps, too. Even their "less lethal" weapons were badass.

kx59 said...

Well the Texas Rangers are larger than life to be sure. They weren't prone to sneaking around, particularly in the old days. The Stetson, the flashy belt buckle, the gaudy 1911 and the handmade boots announced their arrival. If you were the bad guy, you were pretty much boned.
One thing that caught my eye was a fair number of them were dual wielders. And, at least one of them liked to get up close and personal with his shot filled leather billy club.