Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Austin mini-blogmeet

A number of us will be at Green Mesquite BBQ on Barton Springs Rd in Austin this evening at 7:30 PM.  BBQ, beer, and liveblogging are on the agenda.  Anyone else who's interested in welcome.

And all I can say is that this "Community Organizing" is pretty fun.

The image is from Ephemera, and you can get it on refrigerator magnets and such.  Fun site.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Back when I had two coins to rub together, I used to buy buttons from Ephemera (at a local whacky gift shop). Most were not written for publication-or wearing. The gift shop closed.
Sigh. Now, I'm gonna have to look on-line. As if I have coins.

Southern Belle said...

I hope y'all have fun. We should try and do a blog shoot sometime, then beer and food afterward.

davidc said...

I just checked out the Ephemera site and found a lot of funny items, but no conservative themes. Several anti-conservative ones. One featuring Ben Franklin with his famous saying about liberty and security, but labeled liberal.???

Southern Belle said...

Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were both what you would call classical liberals.

At one time I was a liberal, until the term liberal morphed into meaning socialist, statist busybody.

doubletrouble said...

I dunno BP- that site is run by lefty assholes.

And yes, I "name-called", just to keep up with the tone of that site.

Borepatch said...

Doubletrouble, that is true, but we went to infect them with our fearless anarcho-libertarianism. And to eat the BBQ.

But it was pretty funny how they had some of the Ephemera stuff hanging on their walls.