Friday, April 8, 2011

Too traveled

Via MaddMedic, the interactive map of all the states you've visited:

visited 45 states (90%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

I expect I'll be able to tick off Mississippi and Louisiana in the next month or so.  And here are the countries I've been to:

visited 28 states (12.4%)
Create your own visited map of The World

It's cool to be able to travel, and I've had some great experiences like South Africa is th eimmediate post-Apartheid period.  But you give up a lot of time with the family.

Fun site, though.


Paladin said...

Pretty cool! I've seen maps like that on some of the Motorcycle forums I visit. Often wondered where to get one of my own.

Mine's not nearly as filled in as yours is, though :) I told Mrs. Paladin that she should be happy that I've taken her to Paris, Muenster, Italy, and Rome. She's not really impressed, though, since all those places are small towns in Texas.

And our "Rome" is spelled "Rhome" - which I suggested just makes it even more exotic :)

libertyman said...

There is of course, the famous sign in Maine with all the towns named for countries. mexico, Sweden ,Poland, Denmark all about 20-50 miles away.

Stretch said...

I've 72% of the US visited. Upper NE, a cluster in the center of the country, Utah, Miss, and LA to go for lower 48. I don't count the layovers in airports otherwise I'd have included Hawaii and Mich.
As in-laws live in Fla. panhandle I my try to knock out Miss. and/or LA this winter.
I'm afraid foreign travel is out until the "security" issues you addressed below are addressed.

Teke said...

You've got me beat hands down
The Places I've been

USCitizen said...

Very cool.

My visits are at Where Have You Been?

Angus McThag said...

Madd Medic got it from me, you got it from him and it's EVERYWHERE now!

I started a meme! WOOT!

Borepatch said...

McThag, thanks for starting it. It was fun, which is why it's spreading so far.