Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Please, enough of your ridiculous dogma

Fran Lebowitz explains why young women aren't "feminists":
But there are still girls who make it bad for girls. Young girls are always showing me their diamond engagement rings. “Look, Fran!” It’s so old-fashioned.

Well, it's not clear that Fran knows that's what she did.  Let's see: philosophical purity and solidarity with the Sisterhood, or the chance of a life of happiness?

It would be grotesque, but her utter contempt combined with her utter lack of self-awareness suggest that this is actually a brilliant piece of Dada-inspired Performance Art. You can almost picture her having to bite her cheeks to keep from laughing at the Bambi-eyed credulity of the interviewer - and the readers who will swallow this hook, line, and sinker.

Or she's just a clueless idiot.

(Ann Althouse)


Lissa said...

The modern woman can cook a great dinner, coddle her man and kids/pets, AND clean her own pistol. ;-)

Sabra said...

Those oh-so-tolerant Leftists are constantly telling us we conservative women cannot be feminists. Personally, I think the old school feminist really isn't--there's a huge gulf between an empowering women and only considering them successful if they succeed on masculine terms.