Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paris shut down by 6" of Global Warming

bouchon, n. (masc.) - (French) word for traffic jam.  La circulation est très mauvais.  C'est un vrai bouchon.
Un vrai bouchon (a real traffic jam) indeed.  420 km of jammed highways indeed:
Heavy snow paralyzed travel in the Paris region Wednesday, where officials suspended air traffic at one of Europe's busiest airports, closed several highways and shut down the Eiffel Tower.

The resulting traffic jams set a new record. According to the National Center for Highway Information, snarled traffic lined 420 kilometers of roadways around the capital.

Officials at the Charles de Gaulle airport suspended air traffic for several hours in the afternoon, and began limited operations in the evening, according to Aeroports de Paris, the region's airport authority.
I don't understand this.  Not only did the Climate Models not predict this, Al Gore was no where near Paris.  C'est un mystère.

Hat tip: Rick, via email.


Matt said...

240 km or 420 km? The quoted text says 420, but your link text says 240.

I blame it on your fingers being stiff from an early morning chill :)

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Borepatch said...

Oops, fixed. Thanks, Merlin.

Anonymous said...

They freaked out over 15 centimeters of snow? What are they, French?


kx59 said...

lmao..what are they, French?
it appears that the real danger is the gore effect has reached a self perpetuating critical mass.

Anonymous said...

hey dumbass, that is why it is called weather (conditions over a short period of time) and not climate (conditions over a long period of time)

how quickly the deniers try to move light away from the reality that 2010 was the warmest year on record (long period of time, get it?)

but to your ignorant point, as the oceans become warmer more moisture is evaporated into the atmosphere, that leads, inevitably, to heavier rains in the summer and more snow in the winter.

you and inhofe need t service each, and quick, to deal with this latent bloviation you have bottled up inside

Borepatch said...

Hey, Anonymous - I replied in a <a href=">new post</a>. I look forward to your comments there