Thursday, December 16, 2010

The kids are all right

G4 is a TV channel devoted to all things videogame.  X-Box, Halo, that sort of thing.  As you'd expect, it's wildly popular with the youngsters.

Well a G4 announcer babe went to the range to try out some shooty goodness.  What happened next was, well, exactly what you'd expect.  After all, shooting things is fun!

What makes this interesting (other than the obligatory Chicks 'N' Guns thing) is that G4 aims at the under 30 demographic.  These are the kids who grew up in a world that told them that Guns are bad, mkay?  They didn't have the positive examples that kids of my generation had.

And still you get a very positive segment.  We're winning, where it counts - the new generation.


ZerCool said...

Get your booger-hook off the bang switch, girl!

And get off my lawn!

(Slow connection, will watch video later.)

Robert McDonald said...

For someone's first time shooting, with probably no experience with guns before, she seemed to do about as well as anyone else I've seen.

I found it amusing how that MP5 was doing it's damnedest to be an M4.

Lissa said...

Why isn't the arms instructor wearing eye protection??

Still, I like the general premise. It reminds me of my first Bloggershoot :)

Anonymous said...

Nice. I sure miss Olivia Munn though. No one could wear a Wonder Woman costume like her.

cybrus said...

+1 to warriorgeek

Thanks for posting Borepatch - stole it and posted to Facebook to see what the great unwashed masses think!

Mulliga said...

With the decline of hunting, I suspect video games will become recruitment tool #1 for the gun culture. Games like "Counterstrike" and "Call of Duty" are virtual gun pr0n. When those teens grow up and find out that they can own and carry a real GLOCK, for instance, there's gotta be some that'll jump at the chance.

elmo iscariot said...

I think Mythbusters is a great ambassador for us, too. They aren't _about_ guns, exactly, but they frequently portray firearms as fun and normal, treating them exactly like every vehicle and power tool they work with.

Anonymous said...

These are all machine guns?