Friday, December 31, 2010

404: year not found

Best wishes to everyone for a Happy 2011.  And be sure to check out the greatest 404 error messages, evah!  My favorites:

1337/h4x0rj00 f001, 7|-|47 p4g3 d0|\|'7 eXi57! y0u sux0rz.
American SouthAh cain't find th' page y'all are lookin' foah. (note: I edited this one)
GlaswegianYur page izznae here.
Be sure to read them all.


BobG said...

Best wishes for the coming year.

Anonymous said...

"Mac User: "This wouldn't have happened if you were using a Mac." Heheheheh.

Happy New Year to you and yours, BP!

KurtP said...

Welsh: Lle mae y dudalen?
Welsh: Methwyd dod o hyd i'r ddogfen.

Can't be, there are too many vowels in it.