Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Lay of Three-Fingered Admin and the Ring0 of Doom

ASM826 opines on how to speed up your Windows system, in a post worthy of Homer.  Get thee hence to listen to the bard, and learn of great battles with CPU thieving system services, and how to slay the Performance Dragon*.

Well played, sir.  So very, very well played.

And heed his exhortation to back up your data.  It is as true about data as it is about concealed carry firearms, that two is one and one is none.  A man with but a single copy of his data is soon called "dataless".  Don't be that man.

* I'd never heard of the Indexing Service, or realized what a deep pit of suck it is.  Yech.


Anonymous said...

The backing up of data is worthy of repeating. A while back I had only one hard drive with some free space, created an extra partition to use for backups, copied everything to that partition (years of pictures, home movies, mp3's, bookmarks, etc.) and then attempted to format the root and home partitions and re-install my os. Through my own carelessness, I formatted all the partitions, losing everything. After going in the other room, lying down and crying like a little girl for 3 hours (not really, but I did feel physically ill for quite some time), I got up and ordered an external hard drive to use for backups. The only time I plug it in is to copy new files to it. Lesson learned.

GuardDuck said...

Oh yeah, that stupid indexing service. Install it on boats for use as anchors.

Anonymous said...

I fought that stupid thing for some time on the wife's laptop until I figured it was the problem. I deleted the whole thing from programs and things sped up three fold.

NotClauswitz said...

After the rainy night when breaker flipped and my machine went down I plugged in the Seagate backup, and it wouldn't spin-up, it was toast. The other Iomega drive was an old-old backup. Fortunately we were able to pull the drive and get the data back, but then all the new layers of stupid-stupid permissions crap proved impedimentia enough to nearly kill restoring the situation to normal. Unbelievably stupid-thick layers of permission.