Monday, December 20, 2010

Censuses have consequences

Via TJIC, we find that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts expects to lose a congressional seat due to the last census.

Maybe if they didn't keep enacting obnoxious laws, insane taxation schemes, and all around treating everyone like a child, guys like might still live there (and they might not be losing a seat).

Then again, if we had some ham, we could make ham and eggs. If we had some eggs.


libertyman said...

Couldn't happen to a nicer state (commonwealth), speaking as a former resident. And now you can speak as a former resident. Maybe it was your move that tipped the scales!

Brad_in_IL said...

I saw in the news today that in addition to MA losing a seat in the House, TX stands to gain the most seats. You're simply adding to the trend of the population shifting south and west.

- Brad

Jay G said...

Words cannot express how happy this makes me.

It would be nice to see MA with 1 congress critter and WY with 9...

Brad_in_IL said...


Maybe you'll get lucky and have your congress-critter be the one to get axed . . . although if that happened, you could wind up being in Barney Frank's district. [/shudder]

- Brad

NotClauswitz said...

One of the main reasons CA got the Democrat Gerrymandered up the ass in '61 was to flood DC (and reward JFK) with a lopsided base, since the state was growing so fast.
The Democrat-safe California Plantation has held steady for over forty years, and provided such stalwartly slavish and reliably Liberal representation as current pinheads Henry Waxdoodle, Botox Pelosi, Barbara Botox and the insane communist Maxine Waters. Formerly the Asylum produced such Cadre luminaries as Alan Cranston (spit-on-his-grave).

For any state south of the Mason-Dixon line this kind of political slavery might be considered scandalous, a sheer Antebellum re-tread, but since it satisfies the Political Class it remains intact...

TOTWTYTR said...

With the exception of Louisiana, all of the states to lose population and thus seats are in the North Central or Northeast parts of the country. I'd guess Louisiana's loss is due to the exodus after Katrina.

All of the states to gain are in the west or south, except WA.

Besides Congressional seat, this means that MA has lost one electoral vote for President. Look for renewed efforts by the Socialist Workers Party (aka Democrats) to abolish or weaken the Electoral College.