Monday, December 20, 2010

Climate Science Reasoned Discourse™ breaks out!

An Anonymous Coward stopped by this post, and left a comment I reproduce here in its entirety:
hey dumbass, that is why it is called weather (conditions over a short period of time) and not climate (conditions over a long period of time)

how quickly the deniers try to move light away from the reality that 2010 was the warmest year on record (long period of time, get it?)

but to your ignorant point, as the oceans become warmer more moisture is evaporated into the atmosphere, that leads, inevitably, to heavier rains in the summer and more snow in the winter.

you and inhofe need t service each, and quick, to deal with this latent bloviation you have bottled up inside

Whew! Glad for the constructive engagement!

Let's look at the science briefly, and then move on to the more interesting part.

1. The "2010 is the warmest year EVAH" is based on satellite measurements, which only go back 31 years. That's some righteous "long term" right there.

2. The 2010 figure does not include November or December, which have seen widespread record cold in the northern hemisphere. You're counting chickens that haven't hatched, AC.

But here's the interesting part. When skeptics like me use precisely the same tactics that the warmists use ("It's a record heat wave! ZOMG!"), folks like AC pop up with his Reasoned Discourse™: "dumbass", "ignorant", "bloviation".

Why people like this think they're great Defenders Of Science like this is quite frankly mystifying.

But thanks for providing the plucky comic relief, AC! Stop back soon!


Montie said...

Brainiac that your anonymous commenter no doubt is, it puzzles me that he/she seemingly cannot locate the shift key on his/her keyboard.

I am also somewhat at a loss to find such a large number of typos in what is obviously an otherwise well reasoned and thoughtful comment, that the author put much thought and effort into.

It would be different (and expected) if instead, anonymous were some kind of barking moonbat leftist sitting in his/her mother's
basement banging away at the keyboard while having a slobbering fit that someone whould dare challenge the "SETTLED SCIENTIFIC FACTS OF ANTHROPOMORPHIC GLOBAL WARMING". But obviously, anonymous is no such creature.

NotClauswitz said...

Arf! Arf! The Climate Dog has spoken! Or is that the Climate God?

BobG said...

The sort of logic and manners you expect from a troll, isn't it?

Angus McThag said...

If 2010 was "teh warmerest evah" where's my English wine and Greenland cheese?

You know, like they had in the Medieval Warm Period?

It's not warmest ever until it's warmer than a prior warm.