Saturday, July 13, 2013

Quote of the Day: Separation of Powers

Simon Grey looks at the intersection of the Founding Fathers, Snowden, and Obama's directive that Federal employees spy on each other:
The brilliance of this system, then, is that it basically allowed self-important men do things to make themselves feel important without letting them actually do a lot of damage.  Since these busybodies only really enjoy being busybodies, it was sheer brilliance to let them be busybodies while not tying it to real-world results.*  ...
And now Snowden has tricked the fool Obama into going right back down this same road.  Now federal employees will be watching each other, hopefully in the attempt to ruin each other’s lives over some petty feud.  And with federal employees watching each other and planning their various revenges and comeuppances, the American citizens will be largely ignored, and better able to go on with their lives, free of stupid federal intrusion.
Well-played, Mr. Snowden.  Well-played.

UPDATE 13 July 2013 19:04: Link added.


Rev. Paul said...

We can only hope & pray that the end result is as he describes.

UK Houston said...