Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm in my prime

Quite a lively discussion in the comments to my post about getting a Harley.  Old NFO leaves a comment:
LOL, what if you're already PAST mid-life???
That made me think of the fabulous scene from the film Tombstone, where Doc Holiday protests to Johnny Ringo that he (like me) is not retired, he's in his prime*:

The Latin is not widely understood, but has a striking relevance to the discussion of motorcycles.  While my Latin skills are quite rusty, here is my transcription of the original Latin and my translation (in italics):
Doc Holiday: In vino veritas.  Best time to think about buying a Harley is when you're drinking.

Johnny Ringo: Age quod agis.  Careful, an old guy like you will buy too much bike and get tatoos.

Doc Holiday: Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego.  Nah, I'm not one of those Rich Urban Bikers.  I'll ride every day.

Johnny Ringo: Iuventus stultorum magister.  You might do better with a more modern touring bike, like a Yamaha FJR 1300.

Doc Holiday: In pace requiescat.  Hey, that's your funeral.
Like I said, my Latin is a bit rusty, but I think this conveys the original message pretty well.

For the two of you who haven't already chimed in on this proposed madness of mine, drop a comment here.  Bonus points for identifying yourself as in the Doc Holiday or Johnny Ringo camps.

* I actually think you could use this scene like the Hitler Bunker scene from Downfall, with your own custom (and topical) subtitles for Internet Meme hilarity.  And it seems that someone wrecked Hitler's Honda and they replaced it with a BMW:

I'm founding a thousand year Reich here.  I need a bike that's going to last.  I may as well go buy a Harley-Davidson.  


ajdshootist said...

Nice one Ted i did latin up to the age of 12 can hardly remember any of it now, mind you im 65 in Jan 2014.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You need a vintage 1940's Indian Chief

Unknown said...

My own tastes run much more towards rice grinders and Eurosleds, with Triumph and BMW in my #1 and #2 slots respectively. Having said that, I'll also concede readily that modern Harleys' quality seems on a par with other makes, so if that's what appeals to you and you can find the bike you want for what you're willing to pay, then go for it.

Or you could wait a while and see if Polaris actually manages to resurrect the Indian marque. They've been showing off the prototype of the engine for their debut model, and it looks pretty promising.

Anonymous said...

Ted, you really need to put this thread on DVD and sell it in the Borepatch Store.

If your heart's set on a V4, take a look at an ST. Otherwise, get whatever you fancy. Rationalize it this way: When the apocalypse hits, gasoline will be tough to get, and a bike will use less of it. It'll also go places something with 4 wheels won't.

Until then, you and Mrs. BP can enjoy the back roads and the wind in your hair.

Old NFO said...

LOL, I'd vote for an old Harley (pan or shovel) or an old Indian myself! Of course that was 20ish years ago too... :-)