Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TheOnesDay® No. 13

I was going to Mock the Lightbringer, but it looks like he's mocking himself:
The Twitter hashtag #AttackWatch directs comments to a new Obama site “” set up to identify thought crime so those engaging in wrong-speak toward the Obam Administation’s policies can be identified and held “accountable”.


Adam Baldwin
adamsbaldwinAdam Baldwin
#AttackWatch: “Obama inadvertently gave the public a campaign-approved outlet to mock him in 140 characters or less.” –…


Michelle Malkin
michellemalkinMichelle Malkin
MT @BradThor: If only #Obama admin could create an atmosphere where jobs materialized as quickly as #attackwatch jokes!”


Jonah Goldberg
JonahNROJonah Goldberg
Hey #attackwatch, my neighbor parked in front of my house again. I mean he thinks Solyndra is shady. Can you “take care” of him? [wink]
Holy cow.  This guy is the smartest dude of the Millennium?  Wow.  This is even stupider than proclaiming September 11 to be National Grandparent's Day.

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DirtCrashr said...

I never understood Twitter before and still don't, but watching #attackwatch "trend" (or whatever) there is like a hilarious ticker-tape of stupidity!