Thursday, August 20, 2009

You can observe a lot, just by looking

The touching - nay, sweet - faith placed in the Fed.Gov by those on the left is nearly impervious to logic. Nearly.

The Czar of Muscovy has a strong stomach, reading all the healthcare bill. The Czar brings facts:
By now, proponents of the bill will be wagging their fingers at the Czar’s post from yesterday. “We’re not looking to take away responsibility for nursing homes away from state governments. Where does it say that?” May the Czar point out §1422(a)(1). The Secretary [and Inspector General of the Department of HHS shall] implement use of an independent monitor to oversee interstate and large intrastate chains of skilled nursing and nursing facilities.” Perhaps there is where the Czar found it.
There's way more. This whole series is a must read. You'll have the ammunition to destroy a leftie's faith in both the Fed.Gov and his own superior intellect. Or he'll just hate you for a thousand lifetimes. Hey, you're a winner either way!

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