Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Foolish Pride

What do you get when a party that thought a voting demographic was a wholly-owned subsidiary of theirs finds out that the "Third Rail" of American politics applies to them, too? This:

What do you get when a party that thought that they got voted in because their policies were popular finds out that they were voted in because they were "not the other guy"? This:

So what's their reaction? This:

Well, now. Look, it's really not that hard to figure out what's happening:
What there are, are hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who have solved the following math equation: (incredibly unpopular congress) + (dangerously ill-advised legislation) + (opportunity to tell you off) = (ridiculous levels of outrage aimed at you). Since mathematics has never been a strong point of politics, the Czar will explain in simple words you can read without two days and two lawyers: the American people really hate the current Congress, they really fear this proposed reform, and you are giving them an open microphone so they can spell out what a bunch of arrogant bastards you have been for the last few years. Odd as it may seem, this does not require an organized, concerted effort. All it requires is what you are giving them: a mic, and opportunity, and coverage.
Look, there's nothing new under the sun:

1. The Democrats have played politics for years with Social Security, ginning up the senior vote to thrash the Republicans. Their repeated investment in this bloc has made the seniors very finely tuned to Washington's desire to cut their programs. "Oh, but we would never cut the programs" doesn't fly when your people are talking about bending the cost curve down and mooting counseling for end of life decisions. Toothpaste, tube.

2. Government has always been unpopular. Always. You think that you can buy votes, and maybe you can, but everyone has always despised you. Always will. Sun - rises in the east, even under Obama.
"To my mind Judas Iscariot was nothing but a low, mean, premature Congressman." - Sam Clemens

"The problem with political jokes is that they often get elected." - Will Rogers

"What's the difference between a whore and a congressman? A congressman makes more money." - Edward Abbey

"He thinks he was ilicted because he was a rayformer, when t'truth if t'matter was he was ilicted 'cause nobody knew who he was." - Mr. Dooley
3. The ancient Greek term for Foolish Pride was "Hubris". It has been applied to many people in the past: Napoleon invading Russia. Hitler invading Russia. Obama invading "reforming" healthcare. It happens because someone thinks he's too strong to fail, and gets cocky. They had a special word for it because it ends really, really badly, mkay? Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

Stick a fork in it, folks - this is deader than a doornail. The Democrats are faced with three bad choices:
Try to pass a bill and fail. This is what the Democrats are alluding to when they say that Republicans are trying to "destroy" Obama's presidency. A loss of this magnitude would greatly weaken Obama, and change the entire dynamic of his presidency for the rest of his time in office.

Actually pass a bill. There's nothing about any of this that doesn't have the term "government cockup" written all over it. If this passes, then it will be ugly for the entire Democratic party come election time. There will be no way to paper over Grandma dieing because of Obamacare. This is actually the worst possible outcome for the Democrats, as it would likely lead to a generation of Republican rule.

Let it die a quiet death in committee. Otherwise known as the "Clinton option". The massively complicated and wildly unpopular Hillarycare Obamacare never sees the floor of the Congress for a vote. This is the best possible outcome for the Democrats, as they at least keep the prospect of government run healthcare alive to rally their base.
So, not to be premature, but I'm calling this one over. But you should really read the Czar's whole post - there's nothing this smart to be found in the Mastodon Main Stream Media. You knew that, but RTWT anyway.

And since it's all over except for turning out the lights, a little light-turning-out music:


Paladin said...

The Dems are so shocked and amazed that this is happening - so of course it must be some sort of organized right wing plot. However, these are the same people who were really, really suprised that their program of giving away $4500 stacks of money for "clunkers" was such a popular, "successful" program with the masses. Who could have forseen that people would willingly take free cash?....

They might also be interested and amazed to learn that the sky is blue, and the earth is round.

I think it will be option A - try to pass and fail - in the end. I don't think Obama's Ego/Zeal will allow any other option. I think he and Pelosi will push this to a vote as quickly as possible when Congress starts back up, after cutting Republicans completely out of the loop because "they want to do nothing".

"Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away".

- Obamamandias :)

Borepatch said...

"Obamamandias" - Made. Of. Win.


wolfwalker said...

From your 'Option 2:' "If this passes, then it will be ugly for the entire Democratic party come election time."

Question 1) It's still over a year to election season. The short memory of the American electorate is legendary, as is its mass stupidity. Why do you think this won't all be forgotten by then?

Question 2) Even assuming you're right and the Dipshits pay the ultimate possible price at the polls, turning control of Congress back to the Republicans, we'll still have this socialist bastard in the White House, and he'll still have his veto pen. What are the chances that any of his socialist programs will be even modified, much less repealed?

I expect to see both socialized health care and cap-and-trade to pass this fall, simply because the Bitch Princess, Harry the Red, and their senior allies know that they have nothing whatsoever to lose by doing so. Their own seats are safe, and Barry Lackwit's two remaining years ensure that their New Socialist America is safe too.