Friday, August 7, 2009


George Carlin nails the environmental movement. Language alert, but it's George Carlin, so you knew that anyway.


Anonymous said...

He made a good argument, as per usual.


w/v: mismance. All the relationships you get through with the wrong people before you find the right one.

Antonia - Beauty Health Finance and Green Issues Editor said...

Yes, well, while the video is funny and everybody is laughing, one thing he forgets is that our standards of living have changed a great deal over the years.

Yep, why don't we continue to send waste to Africa, of course we can just ship it over there and not give a monkeys that it's the poor countries that suffer from the Western way of living. I would rather to recycle my plastic and consider others.

Incidentally, I don't agree with Government trying to "cash in" on global warming, green issues etc, but I do care about pollution and not having to breathe in soot (caused by vehicle pollution) everyday day, thank you very much. Our front door is always covered in this stuff.

Of course, I see the funny side of this skit too ha, ha, ha.