Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Safer Social Networking

Frankly, I don't "get" Facebook, and I really don't get Twitter (I mean, 140 characters? Srlsy?). However, some of y'all seem to like it, and so here's a good read on keeping safer when you're doing the Social Networking thing. It's full of good stuff like this:
Most recently, attackers hijacked some Facebook accounts, and posing as members sent messages to their friends to dupe them into viewing a video clip link, which instead was actually a Trojan that silently downloaded malware onto their machine once they opened the link.
Knowing how they target you is the first step in keeping them out of your computer.

Note: Yes, I know this is a year old. I'm a slow learner ...

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Paladin said...

I don't get Twitter either... I just don't care that much what any particular person is doing minute to minute. I can't possibly imagine someone desperately needing to know IMMEDIATELY that I'm looking at lettuce in the grocery store, either.

The whole myspace/facebook thing passed me by too.

Guess I'm just the grumpy old guy listening to the Philco, muttering under his breath about those kids and their "fancy FM radios..." :)