Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Like you and me, only better

Suppose you let your dog get away from you, and it attacked a policeman, biting him in the arm, leg, and face. What do you think would happen to you?

Suppose you were a policeman in Massachusetts, and you let your K9 get away from you. Suppose it bit an elderly lady on the arm, leg, and face.

One of these things is not like the other:

A police dog lunges at and attacks a leashed citizen’s dog, biting the citizen on the leg, stomach and face … and the result:

  • cop gets paid vacation (financed by taxpayers) [put on paid leave - Borepatch]
  • cop and wife get a paid hospital stay to better bolster their defense in the inevitable court case or counter-suit (financed by taxpayers)
  • the viscious dog gets a new home

Let’s imagine another scenario: A citizen’s dog lunges at and attacks a leashed police dog, biting the officer on the leg, stomach and face.

My prediction:

  • citizen gets jail time (and gets pretty darn roughed up on the way into the cell) pending trial
  • citizen and wife get derided in the press by the police
  • the dog gets killed at the scene
Like our Secretary of the Treasury who doesn't pay his taxes, like smoking bans for everyone but Congress, like - well, you get the idea.

Power. Them what has, gits. No wonder the Statists keep pushing. They figure they'll need that power to get themselves out of a jam some day.

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Paladin said...

Here's another layer to the schtick that I have never understood. In Texas, due to the potential for Rabies Virus transmission, Dogs and Cats are required to be quarantined if they break the skin of a human - regardless of if they are currently vaccinated or not (Texas Health/Safety Code chapter 826). No problem - I enforce that law on a daily basis and have cited people for refusal to quarantine.

However, Police Dogs are specifically exempt from the quarantine requirement.

Last time I checked, Police Dogs were not immune to rabies, and the rabies virus was still fatal in humans 99.99999999% of the time.