Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can you hear me now?

How about now? Now? NOW!!?

A Queens man needed a doctor after a house call from a surly Verizon repairman who pummeled him -- and never fixed the problem, according to a lawsuit.

Robert Benjamin pounded Aubrey Isakson, 37, after the suspicious customer -- told earlier that the repair wouldn't require access to his Sunnyside apartment -- demanded ID and wouldn't let him inside, the suit filed in Queens Supreme Court charges.

Good thing he was backed by The Network, or who knows what would have happened. And the funniest bit? After all the excitement with the Police and everything, Verizon was able to fix his problem remotely.

Hat tip, Slashdot, where a commenter points out that the guy was beaten up by an IT geek. Oh, the shame - to have sand kicked into your face by a 98 pound weakling. +5 Funny, right there.

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