Monday, August 31, 2009

Che's daughter poses nude for PETA ad

Well, almost nude. And Eric Raymond, err, barbecues it:
The not-so-subtle message here is that vegetarianism is revolution is sex; you too can fight the power and score hot naked rebel chicks by, er, eating tofu. Yeah. Forget all that whining about the objectification of women, one just like Lydia will serve herself up on a platter if you just strike the right clenched-fist poses and munch your beansprouts; we promise. (Well, it sort of has to read that way, doesn’t it? Otherwise what would be the point of the ad campaign?)


If you’re morally confused enough not to find this photograph ludicrous on its face and gape at it in disbelief, wondering “What was PETA thinking?” you’ve entered the state of doublethink required for left-wing politics. Next, you can believe that you’re fighting for freedom and “the people” by advocating an ever-larger and more intrusive state apparat. Hey, it worked for Che!
I must confess that I simply don't get the whole Cult of Che thing, other than as a signal that the devotee is ready for the Soylent tanks. I also think that the PETA meat-is-murder thing misses the issue on levels both practical and symbolic, but maybe that's just me.

It is pretty astonishing that the feminist left doesn't reliably go ballistic over this sort of thing (remember the Dixie Chicks ad?), but Eric has a bit on that as well. RTWT

And speaking of barbecued veggies, I had some quite good grilled asperagus last night. With a red wine demi-glace filet. Alas, that steak was murdered, too - I asked for medium rare, and got well done.

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