Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Police cyber-bust gets busted

Under cover h4X0R cred? Check.

Dummy "Honeypot" bait systems set up? Check.

Secure password on database for sting operation? Oops:
Australian Federal police have been humbled after boasting of taking over an underground cybercrime forum - only for hackers to break into a federal police computer system, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.


Unfortunately the wheels fell off the scheme, because the officers involved failed to set a password on the database behind the honeypot site, allowing hackers to seize control with the minimum of effort.
I'm sympathetic to the problem that law enforcement faces trying to fight cyber crime. I just think that if you're going to showboat for the cameras, a little preparation on the back end might be called for. Just sayin'.

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Paladin said...

In the words of Homer's little known cousin from Down Under - Crocodile Simpson -

G' DOH!, Mate...