Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloggy later

I have not one, but TWO range reports to do, plus foodblogging, plus general other stuff. Busy now.

In the meantime, let me just say to the Ford Taurus I was following on Mass Rt 27, that one McDonald's wrapper flying out of your window could be a mistake, but two wrappers, a bag, and an empty cup are a sign that you were raised in a barn. As a proud Redneck, let just me say that you're an embarassment to rednecks everywhere. Grow some manners.



Paladin said...

It makes me want to ram people when I see them do that... of course I was much closer to doing that when I drove a 15 year old beater truck than I am now :)

Where's Iron Eyes Cody when you need him?

Mongo said...

AARRRGGG! I LOATH people that throw trash out of their vehicle, and into MY world. There is a special place in hell for people that do that.

50/50 odds they had an Obama sticker on the car too.....