Saturday, August 30, 2008

Road Trip with #2 son - Day 3

Cleveland Rocks - especially when the Blue Angels fly overhead with afterburners on. (Warning - they fly way better than they make web sites; mute your speaker if you clicky-clicky).

#2 son and I went to Ravenna, a small town where I lived as a kid. It's been a while (hint: less than 40 years, but not a lot less).

This was the reason for the road trip. #2 son was a good sport. It helped that Deluxe Pastry Shop is still open - although we had to stop by the Library to ask for directions. Seems Librarians know everything!

And the A&W Drive In is still there in Kent. Looks the same, too.

The Air Show was as cool as air shows are. Interestingly, the precision formation flying (i.e. the hard stuff) didn't seem to get as much crowd reaction. When the afterburners kicked in and the parking lot shook, that's when everyone giggled like schoolgirls (well, *I* did, anyway).

Oh, and the gift shop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a great selection of CDs - as you would expect. I picked this up:

Worst. Album. Ever.

Yes, this is the one with "Lucy in the skys, with diamonds."

So bad, it's a "must have" item.

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