Monday, August 11, 2008

Cyber attacks in Georgia traced to Russia

Internet servers in Georgia (Europe, not US) are under attack from Russian sources.

Unconfirmed reports claim the notorious RBN (Russian Business Network) are behind the attacks and that Georgian internet servers were owned by foreign attackers on Thursday - the day before Russian tanks rolled into South Ossetia.

Interests in cyber-attacks as an adjunct to real-world conflict has increased since the denial of service attacks took out the internet infrastructure of Estonia in April last year. The attacks coincided with a dispute of the relocation of WWII-era monuments and affected Estonian parliament, bank, newspaper and government sites.

The assaults were blamed on Russian nationalists.
We've seen this before, from China, too. And not just us:
Three more western nations have blamed China for an upsurge in hacking attacks against government computers.
Now, computer exploits still have a long way to go to match .308 caliber exploits, but it looks like cyber-war is no longer a theoretical part of actual war.

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